Saturday, August 29, 2009

Golf Lessons - Discover the Tiger Woods in You

Don't you wish you could be the next Tiger Woods? Unfortunately, this is not possible for many. No matter how much you practice, few are actually born with the talent needed to excel to such a level. However, taking golf lessons and practicing a good amount can actually bring the Tiger Woods out in you.

If you really want to make something of your game, it is vital you spend the money on a golf pro. There is a great deal that can be learned from someone who knows what they are talking about and has succeeded with the game themselves.

Hiring a pro can help you identify your flaws, how to correct the mistakes, and what you need to do to improve your game. In order to become the best you possibly can be, listen to everything they have to say and apply it to your game. They are a golf pro for a reason; therefore, take their advice and find out exactly what you can become as a golfer.

Another step to discovering the Tiger Woods in you is asking questions about your golf swing and game in general. If you do not understand something, don't be afraid to ask. Understanding what you are doing wrong and how to correct it will allow you to make the most of your abilities. Asking questions can also help you understand various aspects the pro may not cover.

Part of making the most of your abilities is learning to control your emotions and face the mental aspect of the game as well. It can be easy to lose control or become agitated over a poor shot. Hiring a pro can help you learn tips and tricks for facing these emotions and channeling them into positive results.

What you learn from golf lessons is not going to change your game overnight. Tiger Woods did not win his first major overnight; it took time. The same holds true for you as your golf swing is not going to change in the first day. It is vital you are patient and give it time.

Along with listening to your golf pro, being patient, and understanding how to control the mental aspect of the game, it is imperative you practice as much as possible. Given not everyone has the time or perhaps the money to play every day, practicing what you have learned in lessons will help take your game to the next level. The more time you spend on the links the better chance you have of finding the Tiger Woods in you.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fix My Basic Golf Swing With Simple Physics - How to Hit the Golf Ball Further Today

How many times have you set up for your swing and tried to put all your strength behind the club to smack it down the course?  Basic physics will be against you and more often than not you will shank the ball.  Learning the fundamentals of the basic golf swing will allow you to hit the ball further down the course.

Watch a pro line up and take a shot.  You will notice that even though they are well conditioned and have strong muscles, they do not use all of their strength while taking the shot.  The basic golf swing is more about using physics.

Examine your golf clubs.  You will notice that each club is slightly different by design.  This is to be expected, as each golf club is required to do a different job. 

Pure power would be ideal if you were hitting the golf ball with a straight stick.  Instead you need to hit the ball in a controlled and relaxed manner.  The perfect golf swing will require power and flexibility and allow you to get the distance that you want while hitting the ball in the direction you want it to travel.

Correct positioning of your body in relationship to the ball enables you to make solid contact with the club head.  The swing is an awkward movement that will only feel natural with practice.  Stretching and remaining limber both during your game and off the course is crucial to completing your golf swing.

Following a specific golf exercise program has been shown to be extremely effective in allowing you to make full use of the basic golf swing.  Any exercise program designed for golfing will contain both strength exercises and stretching exercises.  The physics of the basic golf swing will be much easier to achieve when your body is conditioned for the game.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Golf Guru GPS - Why You Need One

The Golf Guru GPS is a fantastic new product which offers benefits for any golfer from the beginning novice to the fiercest competitor. If you are searching for ways to improve your game or merely keep a statistical record of your performance you can develop your skills rapidly using this innovative invention.

So how does it provide you with an advantage? First of all, for novices it provides a means to better their game every time. It has the functionality to record statistics allowing you to compete with yourself without having to find partners in which to compete against.

Keep in mind that competition is always a key factor within improving ones skills. The more you play competitively the less susceptible to the press you will be.

If you are a competitive golfer the Golf Guru GPS will help you plan your shot, avoid hazards and play a safe hole, every hole whilst providing statistics for you to eliminate the smaller errors in your game. On top of this you can use the Golf Guru GPS to study each course hole by hole as they are available for download online. This product will undoubtedly provide you with the edge over your opponents.

As if that's not enough already the Golf Guru GPS offers a number of other benefits such as long lasting battery, fast GPS acquisition, user-friendly interface, it's small and lightweight, free map downloads and the ability to map your own courses. You do not need to be a technical wiz to use this product neither as it is created by golfers for golfers, nor will you need to be heading next door to request help from your neighbors computer literate teenager.

Don't get me wrong, you can enjoy a game of golf just fine without one of these gadgets however this product is for improvement and will help you improve your game. Defeat your opponents with the minimal amount of time on the green as statistics play a large part of simply 'getting it right'. After all golf is a game which requires perfection to perfect.

Here's one example of how you can use this product. First mark your position on the tee box, take your shot then go to where your ball landed, press mark again and you are provided with the distance you drove your ball. Then check your position in relation to the hazards on the hole, this will provide you with the option of where you can lay up or the distance you have left to the green. This is extremely beneficial information that will aid you in lowering your scores.

Provided with the Golf Guru GPS is fantastic customer service and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. As the writer I am already well aware of how excellent a product this is. However if for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can use the 30 day satisfaction guarantee to return it for a full refund. Whether you just want to improve your game, need to defeat your working colleagues on a Saturday morning or win that tournament you have entered, there are very few people who will be dissatisfied with the Golf Guru GPS.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Learn Some Golf Grip Tips

Every year people spend millions of dollars on golf accessories like golf clubs, balls, bags and carts. Everyone might seem to think that this game is easy, but one must develop the right skills and tools to learn the fundamentals of the game. The following are some of the many golf grip tips that can help one play the game to the fullest level.

If you have ever played golf you should know that the game takes a great amount of patience and practice. Golf can be a very relieving game that many people tend to enjoy.

Here are five reasons why hand positions and gripping the club properly are very important:

1. The grip is undoubtedly the most ignored, yet the most important golf equipment.

2. The first fundamental that should be taught is how to grip the golf club because it is by far the most important technique to learn before learning anything else.

3. The proper grip of the club influences the perfect swing.

4. Reduces the slice of the ball.

5. Placing your hands properly on the golf club gives you better control and position of the club face.

Now that you know the five reasons why hand positioning is very important, let's get into the proper golf grip tips:

· Grip the top of your golf club with your right hand. Make sure to let your left hand hang from the shoulder. This will help in trying to hold your club in an all natural way. You want to line your hand in towards the center of your body so the ball doesn't slice in the opposite direction.

· One of the most common errors that are made is when a golfer has a weak lead hand that is too much in the palm of their hand. If you grip the club properly it will reduce your tendency to produce a shot that slices and lacks in power.

· Make sure to grip your club not to loose, but not too tight. Hold your club like you would hold a soda can. Holding the club to tight can throw off your swing tremendously. Holding it to loose can prevent you from hitting the ball far. It can also lead to slicing the ball and losing your club.

· The fingers are the most sensitive part of our hand. In golf our fingers are very important. Placing the club more on the fingers rather than on the palm increases your wrist hinge, which results in longer tee shots and a better feel for the club.

Remember to keep your fingers gripped nice and tightly. For practice take a few swings at home to make sure you are comfortable and familiar with your hand positioning.

These tips could greatly improve your game if you follow them closely. These tips have helped many pro golf players become who they are today. By following these easy tips you could improve your golf game tremendously and see the results right away.

Don't make the mistake of many natural left handed golfers by trying to learn the right handed golf swing. This will lead to frustration and confusion. With the help of an experienced left handed instructor, your left handed golf swing will become comfortable with a little practice and effort.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Golf Swing Problem and How to Fix It

Having a golf swing problem and not being able to correct it is the norm these days. Millions of golfers every year walk off the course in frustration. They all have a golf swing problem and have tried to fix it the "traditional way".

What I going to an instructor who can very easily point out what the golfer is doing, but cannot necessarily get to the root of the problem. So many times the instructor will tell the golfer "he's coming over the top" and that's why he's slicing the ball.

Or maybe he's got the "chicken wing" in his follow through. But what does all that mean if you can't get to what's the cause and effect of that golf swing problem?

I'm here to tell you that many golf swing problems are caused by your body's inability to perform optimal golf swing mechanics. Let me say that again. Your body is the culprit. If you don't take a look at what the 'physical' issue is, you can take all the lessons you want and you will continue to have the same golf swing problem.

Let me give you a specific example.

You have a hard time staying "in your posture" during your golf swing. You've taken many lessons and your golf instructor keeps telling you "your coming out of your swing". But what good is that if you don't know why this is happening?

I'll give you one (of many) reasons why this could be happening!

Your hamstrings (the back of your upper leg) are too tight AND week! This is a fact with the majority of golfers, especially the senior golfers.

Golf posture requires a bending at the hips, which puts a strain on the hamstrings and low back. If your hamstrings are tight, they will send a message to your brain saying "I can't hold this, get me out of this uncomfortable position".

Does that make sense?

The other message your hamstrings might send is "I'm not strong enough to hold this position, I'm going bail out of this position".

This is a very common cause of "coming out of your golf swing".

But if you are not aware this is the cause, you will continue to take lessons and hear the same thing over and over again. You could have saved hundreds of dollars in lessons, just by stretching and strengthening your hamstrings specific to your golf posture.

This is just one of many examples of how your body is what's causing the golf swing problem.

Once you take the approach that your body dictates your ability to swing correctly, you will be on your way to the best golf of your life. You will soon not have to worry about a golf swing problem anymore.

Do you want to discover the secret to creating more power and consistency in your golf swing... and eliminating ALL your swing faults?

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