Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Get Your Golf Swing Corrected

In every sport, an athlete always seeks to improve his or her game. Whether in basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, and the like, athletes go the extra mile to make sure they do better in each and every opportunity to play.

The same is true in golf. Every golfer wants to improve his or her game in any possible way, most especially in dealing with the golf swing. Most of the time, golfers try to experiment on what he or she should work on. One may try a different grip on the club, a different speed and timing as what was used before, etc. The bottom line is every golfer wants his or her golf swing corrected.

Before anything else, a golfer should always remember to evaluate his or her shot first. This way, he or she can think of the proper strategy that would work best to further his or her chances in the game. This would lessen errors and ensure accuracy in the shot.

Next, take up the grip on the club and square the club face to it. By square, the golf club must be at right angles with the golfer's intended line of flight. The right hand grip (one which is not too rigid and which is most comfortable to the golfer) is needed to achieve this.

After that, the golfer should ground the club properly. This is lowering the club by bending forward from the waist and flexing the knees. This way, the club head is equidistant between the feet and the body is aligned to the center. This should become a routine with constant practice to make sure that the golfer has the right position, free from rigidness, contortion, or exaggeration. Also, the hands should not be too low when holding the club. The lower it gets, the more tendencies for the golfer to use the wrist excessively. This may not only affect the swing negatively, this may also injure the wrist.

Lastly, the golfer should already place his or her feet to position. The placing of the feet should be in reference to the point he or she has been aiming at since the club has been squared and grounded. The positioning should not come first because the golfer would tend to make awkward adjustments in squaring and grounding the club, thus resulting in a poor swing and shot.

However, some of the best ways to improve a golfer's swing are to observe professionals or coaches, seek advice or tips, and practice constantly. Golf is a game that requires patience and discipline. Therefore, to get your golf swing corrected, a golfer should have enough of these to perfect the essentials of the game.

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Author By Alex Field

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